Title: Child Protection Information Management System Officer Location: Dima, Ethiopia Employment Category: H2 Reporting To: CP/ECCD Team Leader. ), municipal: 810 million cubic meters (2017 est. Africa; Americas; . Additionally, there is also a substantial population of the adherents of traditional faiths. )$3.987 billion (31 December 2018 est. Major Religion Percent ; Buddhism: 0.00 % Christianity (Evangelical 0.03 %) 0.14 % Ethnic Religions: 0.00 % Hinduism: 0.00 % A small ancient group of Jews, the Beta Israel, live in northwestern Ethiopia, though most emigrated to Israel in the last decades of the 20th century as part of the rescue missions undertaken by the Israeli government, Operation Moses and Operation Solomon. Islam first arrived in Ethiopia in 614 with the First Migration to Abyssinia. ), total: 212,000 (2020 est. )subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 0.2 (2020 est. Morgan Lee | March 3, 2021 . Islam in Ethiopia dates back to the founding of the religion; in 615, when a group of Muslims were counseled by Muhammad to escape persecution in Mecca and travel to Ethiopia via modern-day Eritrea, which was ruled by Ashama ibn Abjar, a pious Christian king. Fitch rating: B (2014)Moody's rating: B2 (2020)Standard & Poors rating: B (2014)note: The year refers to the year in which the current credit rating was first obtained. [28][full citation needed], Freedom of religion is provided by the constitution of 1995, and freedom of worship had also been guaranteed by the 1930 and 1955 Constitutions of Ethiopia, although in certain localities this principle is not always respected in practice. in November 2021, the Ethiopian . The largest numbers of practitioners of traditional religions are in the SNNPR (about 993,000 people) and Oromia (895,000). . One ethnic Tigrayan in the diaspora has been compiling a list of names of those killed in Ethiopia's year-long war. )imports: 0 kWh (2019 est. 2007 census, 2022 projection. Christianity is the predominant religion in Ethiopia with a total of 61.6% of the population. Since the 18th century there has existed a relatively small (uniate) Ethiopian Catholic Church in full communion with Rome, with adherents making up less than 1% of the total population.[3]. Visit the Definitions and Notes page to view a description of each topic. [7], According to the government's 1994 census (which the CIA World Factbook follows), 61.6% of the Ethiopian population was Christian: 50.6% of the total were Ethiopian Orthodox, 10.1% were various Protestant denominations (such as P'ent'ay and the Lutheran Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus), and Roman Catholics constituted 0.9% of the population). )from consumed natural gas: 0 metric tonnes of CO2 (2019 est. )crude oil estimated reserves: 400,000 barrels (2021 est. [11], The Kingdom of Aksum was one of the first nations to officially accept Christianity, when St. Frumentius of Tyre, called Fremnatos or Abba Selama ("Father of Peace") in Ethiopia, converted King Ezana during the 4th century AD. The regions of Ethiopia as well as all cities and towns with more than 20,000 inhabitants. Other Beliefs in Ethiopia. [22] In 1962, Ethiopia Bahs elected a National Spiritual Assembly. Internal and international trafficking of women and children for domestic work and prostitution is a growing problem. (approximately $970 million)0.6% of GDP (2018 est.) [35] This is because Abyssinia's (present-day Ethiopia) Aksumite monarch embraced a group of Muslims embarking on the first Hijrah from Arabia, fleeing persecution from their homeland. Ethiopia Country Overview | World Health Organization. Hospitals WHO supplied with Medical Kits in 2 Rounds in August 2021. With more than 40 percent of . )agricultural: 9.687 billion cubic meters (2017 est. 4 0 obj The Ethiopian Enlishkenment African Philosophy: anAfrica Ethiopian Milosophy: developed in 17th C, unlike restor sub- "People hastily acceptwhat they Saharan Africa in have heard fromtheir fathere and. By CARA ANNA, DAVID KEYTON and NAT CASTANEDA November 15, 2021 GMT. )exports of goods and services: 8.1% (2017 est. )services: 43.6% (2017 est. Profiles include statistics, text, photo, map, progress indicator and language resources. The study is about the DDR's attempt to create a humane and just health care system in a country devastated by World War II, with few resources available (and a population one-third the size of . Box 1014, Addis Ababamailing address: 2030 Addis Ababa Place, Washington DC 20521-2030telephone: [251] 111-30-60-00FAX: [251] 111-24-24-01email address and website: AddisACS@state.govhttps://et.usembassy.gov/, three equal horizontal bands of green (top), yellow, and red, with a yellow pentagram and single yellow rays emanating from the angles between the points on a light blue disk centered on the three bands; green represents hope and the fertility of the land, yellow symbolizes justice and harmony, while red stands for sacrifice and heroism in the defense of the land; the blue of the disk symbolizes peace and the pentagram represents the unity and equality of the nationalities and peoples of Ethiopianote: Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa, and the three main colors of her flag (adopted ca. Another 900,000 Ethiopians left Ethiopia and escaped to neighbouring Sudan. Inter-Censal Population Survey Report 2012. [20] Mr. Sabri Elais, then a 27-year-old Bah' from Alexandria, Egypt, introduced the Bah Faith to Ethiopia in 1933. Education Statistics 2006. )note: data are in 2017 dollars, 5.64% (2021 est. Density. Religions. )23.866 (2017 est. )$2.993 billion (31 December 2019 est. At the time of the 2007 census, 43.5% of the population identified as Ethiopian. Religion in Ethiopia consists of a number of faiths. 2020 estimate). With about 117 million people (2021), Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa after Nigeria, and still the fastest growing economy in the region, with 6.3% growth in FY2020/21. Job Summary PSI Ethiopia seeks a qualified Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Director to lead major activities within the USAID Ethiopia PHEM project. #topreligioninethiopia #topreligion #dataplayerHelp to get 10. 1580 The Trotize of Zera Jacob Most people interprot thing on. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC), an international non-governmental organization (NGO), has been providing relief and development services in the Horn of Africa . . <> Islam Summi in fact surpassed in 2019 over 1 billion and 500 million people who practice it. While many Ethiopians claim that the Bible references of Kush apply to their own ancient civilization, pointing out that the Gihon river, a name for the Nile, is said to flow through the land, some scholars believe that the use of the term referred to the Kingdom of Kush in particular, or Africa outside of Egypt in general. xkSH{_[u[TBZlU],/&Bfu vv eezrm^x?jS~EzGeE_HRx 7 8py,.U^y7 B}$cGAJ_qt$8^{)1A_!Bxt (AP . [40] In the late fifteenth century Adal Sultanate invaded Abyssinia led by Imam Mahfuz, his defeat brought about the early 16th century Jihad of the Adalese Imam Ahmed Gran against Ethiopia, where several churches were demolished.[41]. . Catholics Population Percent Catholic Country Dioceses Diocesan Priests Religious Priests Total Priests Permanent Deacons Male Religious Female Religious )investment in fixed capital: 43.5% (2017 est. Ethiopia's Christian population, at 6 million in 1900, will grow to a projected 100 million in 2050. )male: 8.8% (2020 est. [citation needed] The numerous indigenous African religions in Ethiopia operate mainly in the far southwest and western borderlands. The core characteristics and beliefs of the world's major religions are described below. )exports: 1 billion kWh (2019 est. )expenditures: $13.79 billion (2017 est. )industrial: 51.1 million cubic meters (2017 est. The religious beliefs of Addis Ababa. ), definition: age 15 and over can read and writetotal population: 51.8%male: 57.2%female: 44.4% (2017), total: 9 yearsmale: 8 yearsfemale: 8 years (2012), total: 5.7%male: 4.4%female: 7.2% (2021 est. With about 40 percent of the population below the age of 15 and a fertility rate of 4 children per woman (and even higher in rural areas), Ethiopia will have to make further progress in meeting its family planning needs if it is to achieve the age structure necessary for reaping a demographic dividend in the coming decades. 2.6% of the population (mainly in the far south and southwest) follow traditional religions; other religions (the Bah Faith, Judaism, etc.) ), forest revenues: 5.81% of GDP (2018 est. Orthodox Christianity has a long history in Ethiopia dating back to the 1st century, and is dominant in northern and central Ethiopia. ), fossil fuels: 0% of total installed capacity (2020 est. [12] Some Israeli and Jewish scholars consider these Ethiopian Jews as a historical Lost Tribe of Israel (SOURCE NEEDED). The ARDA Data Archive is a collection of surveys, polls, and other data submitted by researchers. The name "Ethiopia" (Hebrew Kush) is mentioned in the Bible numerous times (thirty-seven times in the King James version). The ruling party, the Prosperity Party, was created by Prime Minister ABIY in November 2019 from member parties of the former Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), which included the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement (SEPDM), plus other EPRDF-allied parties such as the Afar National Democratic Party (ANDP), Benishangul Gumuz Peoples Democratic Party (BGPDP), Gambella Peoples Democratic Movement (GPDM), Somali Peoples Democratic Party (SPDP), and the Harari National League (HNL). [3] A 2015 study estimates some 400,000 Christian believers from a Muslim background in the country, most of them belonging to some form of Protestantism. Additionally, there were 2.75 million internally displaced persons in 2022, meaning 52 percent of Tigray's population fled their homes. 104 Melesse, Dabissa and Bulte, "Joint Land Certification" 105 World Bank, Ethiopia: Legal and Judiciary Sector. The number for Ukraine, by the way, includes all groups claiming to be Orthodox. 65% of girls and women (15-49) have undergone FGM/C (47.1% in age . The 2019 population density in Ethiopia is 112 people per Km 2 (290 people per mi 2 ), calculated on a total land area of 1,000,000 Km2 (386,102 sq. Between 1982 and 1991 there was a new wave of migration to the West for family reunification. Ethiopias rapid population growth is putting increasing pressure on land resources, expanding environmental degradation, and raising vulnerability to food shortages. [3] According to the government's most recent census from 2007, Christians constitute 62.8% of the total population, with the largest group being Ethiopian Orthodox Christians at 43.5%, followed by Protestants 18.6% and Catholics at 0.7%. )27.429 (2018 est. Moreover, the largest portion of non-Arab companions of Muhammad belonged to Ethiopian ethnic groups. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> March 5, 2021 12:12 PM ET. More than a decade of a tense "no peace, no war" stalemate ended in 2018 after the newly elected Ethiopian prime minister accepted . 126.53/km (93rd) Land Area. (approximately $950 million)0.7% of GDP (2017 est.) The wide collection of cross-national Pew Research Center surveys analyzed in this report on age gaps in religious commitment can also be used to look at the ways religious observance varies among all adults - defined as people ages 18 and older - in different parts of the world. In 1620's. It is also used to refer to Axum, the ancient capital and religious centre of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, or to its primary church, called Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion. Christians form the majority of the population. His research interests are religion in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, religion and politics, and ethnicity in Ethiopia. )crude oil and lease condensate imports: 0 bbl/day (2018 est. [8] Now, as two parties signed the peace deal in Pretoria, the world has decided to move on from the Ethiopian conflict with the empty . 1962 - Haile Selassie annexes Eritrea, which becomes . WHO Regional websites. [24] The Association of Religion Data Archives estimated that there were around 23,000 Bah adherents in 2010. In 1974, a military junta, the Derg, deposed Emperor Haile SELASSIE (who had ruled since 1930) and established a socialist state. The modern name Ethiopia is from the Greek term Aethiopia used to translate Kush, and was applied to all of Sub-Saharan Africa, including what is now Sudan, but with a few classical geographers giving more detailed descriptions of present-day Ethiopia and Eritrea (e.g. Learn about the Somali in Ethiopia people group. The most recent general statistical information about religious groups. The number of Muslims in Ethiopia rose from 17.4 million in 1994 to 25 million in 2007. The Waaq religion is a traditional, monotheistic faith followed mainly by the Cushitic ethnic group in the far eastern . 4 Islam is the second-largest religious group in Ethiopia, at 34 percent, with Orthodox Christians at 44 percent and Protestant Christians at 19 percent. Before the 1974 revolution, only small numbers of the Ethiopian elite went abroad to study and then returned home, but under the brutal Derg regime thousands fled the country, primarily as refugees. Global data and statistics, research and publications, and topics in poverty and development . ), 16.798 million metric tonnes of CO2 (2019 est. Most observers believe the evangelical and Pentecostal proportion of the population has increased since the census was conducted. Moths Turned Eagles, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahs of Ethiopia. Amharic's writing system has developed from the Ge'ez script, with text flowing from left to right. looks like where more than 40 percent of the country identifies as Ethiopian Orthodox and nearly 25 percent as Protestant. . Typically, persecution varies depending upon where one lives. ), household consumption: 69.6% (2017 est. Basic Statistic Total population of Ethiopia 2021, by gender . )$248.972 billion (2019 est. The solicitation is expected to be released in October 2021 and awarded in May 2022. Islam is also the official religion of this country, which has one of the largest Muslim . endobj Many different actorsthe national military, as well as the Eritrean military, militias from Ethiopia's Amhara region, and . Population Projection Towns as of July 2021. Roughly two-thirds of the Ethiopian population identifies as Christian and one-third is Muslim. [9][10] Orthodox Ethiopian Christians are predominant in the Tigray (95.6%) and Amhara (82.5%), while the majority of Protestants live in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region or SNNPR (55.5% of the inhabitants) and the Oromia Region (4.8 million or 17.7%). Adulis) as well. Poverty, drought, political repression, and forced government resettlement have driven Ethiopias internal and external migration since the 1960s. )nuclear: 0% of total installed capacity (2020 est. )from petroleum and other liquids: 15.324 million metric tonnes of CO2 (2019 est. This activity is expected to be a five-year program in the $10-25M range.
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