Serial number has been in two different places also. A Note About Vintage Guns. Personally, I am pleased with the Max series from Llama. During WWII a company named Geco, Gustav Genschow & Co, imported guns from Spain to be sold to Nazi party members and marked their guns with the Geco logo which is a large G with the eco inside it. I would not exactly call it a rib because it doesn't appear to be for that purpose. III-A.-This post-World War II version of Mod. Also, based on the fact there are no vents in the rib, I believe it's a IIIA, series 2, variation 3. It is a wonderful gun that is totally reliable and very accurate. You still pay the normal price, our commission comes from their profit, so you have nothing to lose, while we have something to gain. 6758, ' 1 ' ' ',1 ' ' ' ' ' ' 111 ' ' ' ' t * ' ' ' ' ' '1 ' ' ' ' ' ' 'I''I'1<|I''1I'''J 111111111 ij 1111111111111M1111111 ' 111 n 11 ij 111111 ' 1 ' 11111 y ; 11 11111 . It appears to be identical to Mod. The gun could have been deemed "unserviceable" and destroyed. To identify the make and model of these guns, dig around the manufacturer . The date codes After the war confiscated arms were separated as to good or bad and the bad guns were destroyed. It has a double grip safety. Pic isn't very good but the best I can do at the time. Looking mostly for the model IV, VII, VIand the Ruby 45 even as a parts gun but will consider anything. The longer number is your serial number, incidentally. They are usually on and/or near the front of the trigger guard. Several styles of grip pieces and markings have been noted. Pistols collected after the Spanish Civil War were either scrapped or refinished and I suspect the date codes and proofs were ground off. ' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' ', No. For all practical purposes, we are looking at the handguns produced under the 'Llama' name, and not the earlier Gabilondo y Cia products. t 11 l?T it:t*tttl t ftfluc^ f I iff 1 ff fl cTTt v > 1, (TTr1! t i'^' 11 till t l^lll 11 ll nTi f r 11 In iTl 111! Fully recoil-operated Llama pistols of the Mod. Llama IXA was produced as a replacement for the IX .45cal - large base mag. It looks like all but the 25-2 are sporting their original stocks. It was a well made gun with fair tolerances, so parts were interchangeable within its own brand. V.-Made in 9 mm. 99. Beristain cancelled the contract even though he won. By the end of the war it is thought that Gabilondo alone produced from 250,000 to 300,000 pistols. Somewhat later a variant pattern in 9 mm. I need a clip for it. Most likely there are many out there but this type of gun was never put in German records or marked with Nazi marks. Mod. Llama Pistol Series. Llama Model 1 (A-31 or. The letter for the date code with the asteriskon top is still in use to this very day. Hesston 4790 baler specs. ACP only. III and is merely a smaller version of that model (Fig. There have been reports that this gun ceased production in 35 because of faults, but it did not. They were known for manufacturing several models of both inexpensive pistols and revolvers prior to 1931. VI may have been given to these pistols. Model E-IX-A two vent rib second series which started in 1970. The serial number is C23709. If you would like to contribute your model number, serial number and date code to this data base let me know. The frame was fitted with all of the Max I components. Automatic pistols made by Gabilondo from 1914 to 1933 were based on Browning F.N. You can e. This gun was made for the American market is the reason it was marked for the 38 Super. The Spanish government set up a proof house in Eibar starting in 1923. The one I have now may end up being a good shooter but I'm still tinkering with it. The import law that is mentioned above can be referenced by viewing the gun control Act of 1968, Public Law 90-618 and under Subpart F-Conduct of Business sub-section 178.92 (a)(1) Firearms. So that should put it in the 1936-1954 catagory. iiull.l'%'lr. VII, but in three calibers: 7.65 mm. Check the Serial Number data field in the BIOS Main menu. X-A.-This is identical to Mod. Llama 32 Serial Number Lookup The photograph on the left is a picture of the right side of the receiver just above the trigger. Did not realize refreshing the site would do that. This was far more than Gabilando could produce so he contracted with others to produce for him. Three vent first series starting in 1955and being made thru 1969. I have now seen a 1954 with no rib, the rounded butt frame and large base magazine so it appears that in 1954 they started making the changes. Mod. No one seems to know anything. Production of this gun started in 1932 and was an exact copy of the Colt 1911 except it has no grip safety and has a barrel 5 1/2" long, with a 228mm overall length. It appears to be identical to Mod. You are correct! Basically N Frame versions of the stocks on your 14-4. Hi, I am trying to find out the year on a recently purchased Llama .380. Colt Officers size with a 7 shot capacity. These guns were sold to Interarms in the 60's on an arms deal. This is a must for all martial artists and anyone wanting to learn the knife throwing techniques of the ninja.span, 1111111 111111 r 11111111111111 n, 1111 11111 11 n 11 h 1111111111 r< 1111111, XjbSuiih 'jsodupug jbXSJOAXSOJ poj doJS, JSUIUIOIJ uiui g9' PIC 'ON, ^ f J1jjt'l1 'lEJ^I^j lt. jl II > 11 I^i I Ullllji^ I tlimjUl i|l IHI^ni^Hn^m m I^i IH mi^i nj i : 11, 'l^p111 Mii|><| ' J^^j*1 '1 *|1111IJ!^1 *i '1 '1 1JI * *i mn11*11 Ji j^i tiji 11 ** jj, 1,111111 > I' 111111 ' 111111 fi 111111111111111' 111111111, i, i, I*, 11 il' i ill III lili il il' lilil lilil I iHlilllllllil ilil'llllhll III i l'i I ,h I i i- i < i ' i ' i i i ' i ' i i ' i i ^ . 11 r 1^11M ! Mod. The Logo on the grips is BC not GB for Gregorio Bolumburu as some report it to be. The right side says LLAMA "ESPECIAL". Although mine has a date code of V (1951), it has a grip safety. It is dangerous and illegal to ship a loaded firearm through the mail. :!,!,^!,!,^,!,', I I' I I'Hj H1 I 1'I I11'II I I t' 1 U' 1 M > I I I< j 1:' I 1I'' 'J IM''. Both are identical to the Llama Mod. They started making a gun in 1914 based on the Browning 1903 and the modifications of the design by earlier guns like the Astra Victoria 1911 and called it the Ruby. Aug 20, 2018 1111 r 1111 n, 1111 11111 11 n 11 h r lt 1111111 XjbSuiih 'jsodupug jbXSJOAXSOJ poj doJS, JSUIUIOIJ uiui g9' PIC 'ON f J1j. 226 Williams Ln. IX.-First described as a recoil-operated style of the Mod. I, to which no model number was originally assigned. Officers were to furnish their own guns so many Llamas were sold, although I have only seen one large caliber gun with the Geco mark. Followed by "S.HACKENSACK, N.J" Even then the amount of time and resources required is a pretty big deal. Second Variant Humpback The second variant has the serial number on the left arm of the slide, near the front. Let me know about the springs. Another company did import them but they are not marked in any way. To decode any Mac serial number type the model number (i.e. Purdey. 325 7.65 mm. During the Spanish Civil war all of the gun makers were within the Republican (Basque) held territory, even Astra who was actually on the side of the Nationalist or on the side with the Catholic Church actually. The Omni was not a success, primarily because the sophistication of the piece led to production costs, and a retail price, that far exceeded many of its more conventional rivals. Seriously, you need the serial I am researching a mark on my.380 Llama with serial number 6XXXX. These were not produced for the American market and are not readily found in the USA. This gun had a change in the way the safety was made to the same look as the later model I above had. LePage Pocket Automatic Mre. Parabellum caliber with a variant style of grip frame and hammer and has no grip safety. In 1992 Gabilondo y cia went bankrupt and was purchase by the workers forming Fabrinor. This proof looks like a flaming bomb because it is the firing proof of the gun. This gun does not have the grip safety and has a serial number lower than any Bufalo I have ever seen making me wonder if it was actually a forerunner to the Bufalo instead of being made afterward. VII.-This pistol in 9 mm. Not much is known about the Llama serial number sequencing, so we are attempting to do a database spreadsheet. d'Armes LePage Lige, Belgium No. u < I, ' 1 1 ! Location: TN. Mod. Short version of the Mod. I except for magazine capacity. Mod. X.-This pistol, in 7.65 mm. The codes are the same whether it's a Llama, a Star, or an Astra To get the year for your code, google "Spanish pistol date codes" Here's the one I use most: $ 399.00 For sale is a Llama Especial semi-automatic pistol in .380 ACP. models of 1903, 1906, 1910, and 1922. For a revolver, where reloading takes place by means of the turning of a cylinder, an over pressure load is used. Feb 2, 2021. series guy said: 1980, 1997, 1980, and 1996. Answered by a verified Firearms Expert. The markings in the picture on the left are as follows,GABILONDO Y CIA. Ever wondered how it is done to perfection every time? X-A.-This is identical to Mod. Mod. It has been suggested that the name Modello IV may have been reserved for the Tauler pistol which is identical to it. Work on a new design began in 1931 and culminated in 1932 with a Spanish patent issued on April 12th of that year. Thanks again for the information! 1911. Above the serial number it says "STOEGER INDUSTRIES" For instance, my Llama has "D*2" on it. The slide has a rounded top with no sight ramp. Jger Pistole Jger and Co. Suhl, Germany No. Here are a couple pics of it, I can post serial numbers if they will help. The cost is prohibitive in the best cases, when a state or local jurisdiction maintains a registry. X, with the addition of a grip safety, which was added immediately following World War II. Sorry for posting 3 times. In 1931 it was decided to modernize their line by undertaking the manufacture of the external hammer, recoil-operated system originally designed by Browning and used by Colt and the Fabrique Nationale. Mod. The rifle will be repaired and returned at no charge to the owners. Visit the manufacturer's website and see if there is a way to do an S/N number check on the website and see what information is available. Your search for Llama Serial Number will produce better results if you simplify your keywords and exclude words like: serial, key, number, code, activation, keygen, crack, etc.
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