I am terribly sorry. (Ms. Merdich and Rob Paulson left the classroom, the class was really upset that they are going to be stuck with Mr. Bolhofner). Lincoln: >to Mr. Grouse, annoyed< Really? (The family cheered as they are all excited for Pizza, it then cuts to the dinner table where all of the Louds gathered round and have Pizza for dinner). Rita: >to Lincoln< So? Lori: Now then, let's get busy with the drawings, first you need body parts of the creatures you need to draw, be sure to add the head, jaw, neck, arm, hand, leg, feet, tail, torso, waist and sometimes the wings, so first, pick a picture that you like from your phone. (the robotic hand grabs Lincoln and throws him down, his other set of finger missiles aim for him as well). "Lori why do you seem so tense and nervous," Lincoln asked. Clyde: Unless if Lori comes back to help you again. Mr. Grouse: >annoyed< I don't care, now get along home boys! "Here's Bun Bun.". Lynn Sr.: Girls, we are all sitting here like a family, and if you don't come back to the table. (She pointed to the other pieces of paper that Lincoln was working on). Mr. Bolhofner: >to Chandler< MCANN. Zach: Wow, you are going to be extra busy. - Lincoln fell on knees in pain - The morphine stopped working! (Lincoln's words gave Ms. Merdich a big smile on her face). She quickly stood up and dashed again but Lincoln took a small sack from his bag and throwed it on floor. Stella: I'll say, but we did had a good time being part of a Middle School news group. You shouldn't have done that ever. Ms. Merdich: >to Lincoln< Lincoln, will you present us your character sprites and their animation? - No, Lincoln, I shall apologize. Mr. Grouse: >to Lincoln< No offense Loud, I respect your opinion, now get your laptop, I'll show you. For every ten shows I review on "Forgotten Cartoons", I give an update of my rankings list for all the shows I've reviewed. (Lincoln gives Lori a list of the characters he's going to add to his game, then she looks at it). Ms. Merdich: Tomorrow, I will give each of you a flash drive so you can create your own videogame, I'll be looking forward to seeing your game, >the bell rings< see you guys later. Lori: Don't worry guys, I'll be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and you can bet on it. Chandler Ghidorah: >middle head< Well well well, >right head< if it isn't my arch enemy, >left head< ready for our match? - I don't have your strength, so I depend on my brain. Lori: That's okay buddy, I'll take you to the library tomorrow afternoon and we'll get them scanned, and afterwards, we will work on animating your character, we'll do one together, then you can do the rest all on your own, unless if you need Luna's help. Well I hate to break it to you mate, but you can't make a game that is similar to what someone else is working on, you might want to pick something else that comes into your mind. Lincoln: Okay, but I don't know which to choose. (Lincoln and the class were still confused). Lincoln removed a white glove from his right hand and puffed, scattering a white powder. Lincoln: Whoever the new substitute is, I'm sure he or she will be here on time. Rita and Lynn Loud Sr have 5 daughters. Posted on February 27, 2023 by laguardia airport food terminal c Lori: Excuse me miss, do you have a scanner available? Ms. Merdich: Now I got a few words to say about your project, I'm literally proud that all of you are finished with your game, it doesn't matter if your game is perfect or not, but what matters is, you have done your very best. Lincoln :>exclaims in disgust< Ewwwwwwwww. Lori: I'm just messing with you, I'll get pepperoni for my half, what do you want on your half? Lincoln: I don't understand why either, I didn't get to be with my friends in Mrs. Salters class, that wasn't really fair. (Cuts back to another flashback where Lincoln was trying to take a seat until Chandler places a whoopie cushion on the seat of his desk until a loud fart explodes from the whoopie cushion, Mr. Bolhofner is extremely annoyed with it and turns around). Lola: I would rather play Lincoln's game then listen to your jokes anyday. Lynn: Godzilla? Lincoln: Don't worry, I got it all in here, trust me, I got this, I'll be fine. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. Ms. Merdich: Good question, I originate from what is New South Whales which is the land down under, you know, Australia, my home is in Albert, I lived there for eighteen years from my childhood to my high school years, and I've came to America to be a teacher, it took me four years of college and know here I am, and this is my fourth year as a teacher, and I'm very happy to be here, but I do miss home though. - Lincoln said - Luna, please rub us with this. Bolhofner MechaGodzilla: >to grils< >beep boop bop bop< You girls are in after school detention, prepare to suffer consequences >whirrrrrr click<, (Bolhofner MechaGodzilla fires three finger missles from the right hand, but the monster girls were able to dodge them, so Luna Rodan helped attack Bolhofner MechaGodzilla, while Godzilla Lori and Mothra Leni teamed up against Chandler Ghidorah, Mothra Leni was grabbed by his two heads, and his middle head zaps her, knocking her to the ground, this angers Godzilla Lori as she uses her atomic breath to knock him off the air, he fell and was stomped on, Bolhofner MechaGodzilla shoots the laser eyes and gets her attention, she charges at it as she tries to topple it down, the robot was about to zap her with the chest beam, it succeeds, knocking her down, Bolhofner MechaGodzilla aims it's finger missiles at her, Lincoln was witnessing it in shock, as he dives onto the robot, the robot notices him). Lincoln: I got to do some backgrounds for levels, sounds for the characters, and I got to add music. It's been over two years since the last time I reviewed a show requested by him, and at the time he went by the username Pikafan2000. Lori: >read's list< Let's see here, "Godzilla", "Angurius", "Rodan", "Mothra", "King Ghidorah", "Hedorah", "Gigan" and "MechaGodzilla", >to Lincoln< Good list, glad you added Toho's big five Kaiju. - Lincoln corrected Lana - He reminds me of myself. Rusty: Do you have media fire? "See don't dwell on the fact of him retiring, embrace on the good times," Lori said. - Lola asked - How did you do this? (Most of the class except Chandler raised their hand). Lori: >interrupts Lincoln< Slow down there champ, I know you are excited as you are with your game, but we got some work to do, we'll visit the Library in the afternoon, but first, let's piece in the characters first, then we'll work on adding the breath effects on your file later on. (Then he writes them down on his character topics, he writes down "Godzilla", "Anguirus", "Rodan", "Mothra", "King Ghidorah", "Hedorah", "Gigan" and "MechaGodzilla", soon the bell rang, and everyone was glad they got done in time). Ms. Merdich: Well, I thought maybe I could give them a jumpstart on their future career one day as a future game programmer and designer. Luna: I'll go first, I hadband practice and I thought we were going to have a great time, and we have practiced all day and we are getting better and ready for the battle of the bands. Lincoln: I want to try and cook something for both of us. Lincoln: I just finished up the animations for most of my characters on my game, I'm currently working on Rodan's animations. fan game, but I made a fan game based upon my new interest, Kaiju, if it hadn't been for my two elder sisters Lori and Luna talking me into it. Leni: I think I need to get some sleep after all that Pizza! The family took her in and raised her as one of their own. Lynn commented "So weak and easy to beat. Lincoln: Oh, I see, so are you going to help me? Lincoln: Okay. She must now adjust to a life surrounded by a society of entomophobic humans as she attends Middlington Middle, It's time for my first journal of the new year, and what better way to start than with "Forgotten Cartoons"? Lynn: Hey jerkwad, no throwing food, especially at my little bro, that's a ticket for you buster, >writes the ticket and pastes it on his forehead<, I've got my eyes on you >to his friends< and that goes for you chumps as well! - Lincoln and Lana said in unison proudly - We will have our revange! Lincoln: Not really, he's suspended from the remainder of the semester, so we might get a new substitute by Monday! (As Lincoln got on the bus, he sat next to Clyde). (And that is exactly what they did, the Godzilla model was finally put together, next they then worked on Anguirus, and then Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah, it was then time to visit the Library as they got the laptop with them, it later cuts to the library where they asked the librarian). Lynn hit and kicked Lincoln multiple times but he was just standing immobile like he wasn't feeling pain. The Loud parents and Sisters gain powers from one of Lisa's experiments blowing up, Lincoln was away on a trip with Clyde, so while his family became heroes like many ot. Ms. Merdich: Sorry 'bout that mate, that's Aussie slang for little lady. I can help download that for you, I've downloaded media fire all the time to listen to music. Lynn: Sorry Chump, I need to watch the game, it's the Detroit Pistons vs. the Chicago Bulls, the rival game that I do not want to miss. Me and my dad worked so hard on it. Lynn attacked Lincoln again but this time he dodged her and she hit wall instead. - Lincoln, Lynn, Lola and Lana were surprised, - Did you see all of this? Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers. Ms. Merdich: >interrupts Chandler< No more excuses mate, if you get one more tardy without notifying the principal again, I will have you sent to the office for after school detention after the third and final checkmark. (After Ms. Merdich writes Chandler's name on the board, she then begins the lesson). Ms. Merdich: Good morning class, I've got some good news to tell everyone, Mr. Bolhofner will be coming back from his trip to Kenya early, so he will return to teaching by Friday. - Lynn desperatelly begged crying -I've already got what I deserved! Liam: I'm hoping you'll be getting a good grade. Principal Ramirez: The good news is, you all will be relocated in an empty classroom, we got all of your desks moved here, and you have a temporary substitute teacher, and she's been looking forward to meeting all of you, she is running late, so why don't you kids go on ahead to room 94 and you'll be on your way, have a good day! Ms. Merdich: Okay then, let's review your math assignments, >pulls out math book< if I divide about twelve oranges out of two, what would i have now? Lincoln: >in thought< I think I should start by adding the big five Godzilla monsters with Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla, but what about the other three? Lincoln has enough of Lynn bullying him so he makes a plan to defeat her. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. Lincoln: Laides and gentlemen, I give you: >shows flash drive of his fan-made game for a school project< "Godzilla: King of the monsters" the fan-made videogame made by yours truley. Lola: Thank you, >hug him< you are the best brother ever. Curious, he change into his clothes and run through the backyard, he see's the girls in the front yard in a deluxe pool, they're having tons of fun; Lincoln then walk back in the house and sits on his bed) LINCOLN: See what I mean? - Luna commented annoyed, - Thank you, Luna! (It starts with Lincoln in The Loud House as he is getting ready for school as if he isn't ready to go to school while he puts on his clothes). Ms. Merdich: >to Lincoln< Bonzer, but if you subtract by three, what do you get? "Though I had a nightmare where you told me the host of Arggh retired.". Ms. Merdich: >to Chandler< Zip it, mark my words Chandler, that's two checks for you, one more and you are out of my class and straight to the office you go. Lincoln: Cinnamon sticks? Ms. Merdich: Okay class, put down your pencils, >to Lincoln< Lincoln, be a good sport and take up all of the test papers for me. - And you did nothing? Lincoln: I'm sorry Ms. Merdich, I have been coming up with these ideas since last night. (Lori and Lincoln got started on working on animating the characters, he knew he had to click on a body part and take some snips and add them to the animation slash control file, he had Godzilla walking forward and backward while blocking, roaring, fighting, kicking and swiping with his tail, he even added his breath animation, he tested the characters and he was successful). He set it quickly when she didn't see anything because of the smokescreen. For those who don't know, Kamishibai is a form of Japanese street theater that was popular back in the 1930's. She snuggled up close to Lincoln. (Lincoln hugged Lola back and they both went to sleep, the next day, the class were waiting patiently for Ms. Merdich to arrive, but she came in about five minutes later). Goodnight. Ms. Merdich: Excellent choice little Shelia. Oh, hey, Lincoln. YOU'RE FIRED!!! Lincoln: I'm so excited Clyde, I can't wait to show my game to my whole class. Mr. Bolhofner: >to Chandler< MCANN, We now witness the dreaded Brawl in the Family. Please! Lincoln: That's one good thing about middle school though, just because you go to different classes doesn't mean we can't be friends anymore. (The sisters and Lincoln cheered as Leni got an A+ on her math test). Mr. Bolhofner: Now class, I would like for you all to meet Ronnie Anne Santiago, please give her a little time for her to tell us her backstory, and then it's time for class, >to Ronnie Anne< Ronnie Anne? Lincoln: You were nice to me before, Why do you want to be back to being a meaner sister to me again? - Lynn screamed in fear - What did I do to you? "Oh boy this new episode is a great episode," Lincoln said. - Lincoln said with anger - This will make you remember. T-Rated (bloodless violence, heavy wounds, mild threats). theloudhouse # 9 Loud in Amphibia (Book 1) by Dark-user12 1K 24 5 Lincoln Loud, a boy who was told he was back luck and it ended badly as he was kicked out by his family, hated and bullied by some of his classmates. (Then, the bell rings, and Lincoln was disappointed that he couldn't come up with a good title for his game). Lynn was confused but waited until the smoke is gone. CLYDE: Well, I know what I'm doing. Lincoln: Mr. Bolhofner, you can't do that! After the show was done playing and Lincoln was hyped. "Sometimes people retire for one reason or another but, you did see his final episode and enjoyed it right," Lori said. - Lincoln remembered - If she beats Lola like I beat you they both can have a trauma. You reconciled by yourselves in the hard but instructive way. That's it Loud, I'm writing you up for cutting the cheese, because I won't tolerate this kind of behavior in my trailer during class-time. They narrate the story by changing each image. Afterward, she was sent to live with family members in Retro City, during her five years in the city, she learned how to control her. Lincoln: Oh yeah, I guess it doesn't hurt to try something new for a change. - Lana said - Lola is very similar to Zuko's sister. Rita: Wow, looks like your luck has turned around, sorry you have to be in a classroom with him. Luna: She was great at doing it, she got an A+ on it when she started middle school. Ms. Merdich: Oh Crikey, I almost forgot, >to students< class, it's time you present your games to our guests of honor, who likes to go first? Clyde: So, what's your homework assignment now? Lincoln: Like when you control either Godzilla or the military? 3-4. Rita: >to Lincoln< If Lori was here, she would have been proud of you! - That's all? - Because I was wrong from the start, I learned the violence only breeds more violence. Bolhofner virus: Well, well well, making a game huh Loud? Lincoln: I'm sorry you had to hear that, I had a nightmare that I was going to be a computer virus. Principal Ramirez: Lincoln, come with me to my office. Clyde: Are we going to have another boring typical day? The other characters in this fanfic will not be introduced until next chapter. Lincoln walked downstairs, not paying attention, heck not even noticing when Lynn pantsed him and him walking out of his pants. What's your beef with him? (Cuts to a flashback with Mr. Bolhofner scolding Lincoln for being late). - Onion powder?! Liam: I don't know about you Lincoln, but how long is that project due? Lynn figured out the foot prints were a decoy to lead her right into his trap. Lincoln: I did beat him a couple of times, but due to how the game expended their levels, it gets tougher every second. - Why do you this after all? Lincoln took the bunny and started to calm down. Lori: >interrupts Lincoln< No, don't apologize, I'm not mad at you, I'm just annoyed, you wanted something, I'll get it for you, no big deal. Lynn Sr.: It's too bad we didn't see her much! You are my substitute? Luan: I tried to do a game about Mr. Coconuts, but it wasn't too fun to do, so I also got an F on it after doing six levels and beating six bosses. Ronnie Anne close her eyes and went to sleep. Guest 1 - I can use bits of this. Check, Jeans? Ms. Merdich: >rolling eyes< Just what we need, another superhero freak, no offense mate, but I'm not that crazy about superheroes. I figured I might as well check it out finally. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Today's show was requested by NineLivesCaveCat, someone whom I've known for quite a while on this site. Lynn's comes home from school angry that she lost in her baseball game which she takes here anger out on Lincoln however after here argument with Lincoln. (For the rest of the day, Lincoln and his classmates are happy with their new substitute teacher, then the substitute teacher made a big announcement). Clyde: Hey Lincoln, want to hang out after class? What would you do? Mr. Bolhofner: >angered, to Lincoln< YOU! Stella: I remember my grandpa telling me when my dad watched those kind of movies as a kid and he used to pretend that he was a kaiju, but those days are long gone. - Sigh, you have such a nice touch. He seemed to faintly remember feeling lightheaded and passing out, but everything else was a blur. Rusty: Tell me about it, I couldn't beat him on my first try. (The bell rang, and class was dismissed, at the hallway, all of Lincoln's friends Stella, Clyde, Liam, Rusty and Zach all came up to him). (The class was confused as they couldn't figure out the answer). Lincoln then gritted his teeth and sighed. She even kicked him between legs but only she suffered pain and expressed it in scream. Only ones who accomplish anything will be accidental witnesses, they'll accomplish your mutual lose as an amusement. Mr. Bolfner: >annoyed, to Lincoln< Consider yourself lucky you didn't get lower than a D-, stop groaning and zip it, do you want me to write you up again for groaning? Ms. Merdich: >to Chandler< Young Bloke, this is the second and third time I've warned you, first you think that one of your classmate's idea is lame, then you got a ticket for throwing a hotdog, and now you tripped him? Viruses: One of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us, one of us! Lincoln: Wellyou are a bit too young and you don't understand Godzilla as much as I do, but if it makes you feel better, you can sleep with me. Lincoln: Just think you guys, I bet I could make the best game ever. Chapter 1: The path of darkness. "Oh yeah," Lincoln said. Lori: The Heisei Godzilla? (Then another flying monster appears alongside Godzilla Lori and Mothra Leni, this creature had Luna's head with a body of a pterosaur-like creature). >giggles<. - Lynn commented. Lori: Okay Lincoln, let's try to get those pieced together, to do this, we need to match them together. Ms. Merdich: >annoyed, to Chandler< You're twelve minutes late! Lori: The big five consists of Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah and MechaGodzilla as they all appeared in the Japanese Godzilla movies from the Showa, Heisei and Millenium films, though not all of them are connected in the same continuities. Ms. Merdich: And we haveChandler, Riley (As Ms. Merdich was going over the list of students, she then puts it down as she gets ready for teaching). Now I can be your teacher for the entire semester. Lincoln: Ladies and gentlemen of Mr. Bolhofner's class, I present to you, the game that I've been constructing three weeks ago, and I've couldn't have done this without my friends Clyde, Liam, Zach, Rusty, Stella, my neighbor Mr. Grouse, and my big sisters Luna and Lori who is at college, and i give them thanks for my support, and now ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to show the game that I've been working on that was suggested my my sister Luna, I originally want to work on Ace Savvy or A.R.G.G.H. Luan: Yeah, none of us did better then her, so it was "Game Over" for us >giggles< get it? (The battle between Godzilla Lori and Chandler Ghidorah has started, Godzilla Lori punches two of his heads to the left, then to the right, the middle head then strikes and bites her in the neck, then Godzilla Lori grabs the middle head and yanked it out of her neck, Chandler Ghidrah flies up and tries to body slam her, but in time, she dodges him, using her atomic breath, the breath missed him, and having the upper adventage, he zapped her with his gravity beams, Godzilla Lori then headbutts and Chandler Ghidroah flies up to dodge her leaving her crashing into a building by accident, she regained consciousness, she then she Chandler Ghidorah as she dodges that attack as well, Godzilla Lori fires her atomic breath and Chandler Ghidorah shoots his gravity beams from his three heads as they begin a beam battle, Chandler Ghidorah won that round, but Godzilla Lori was able to get back up, this time, she was able to summon all of her nuclear energy and explodes onto Chandler Ghidorah making him fall, Godzilla Lori then pins him, but the three heads strike her, pushing her aside, Lincoln then watches in horror as Chandler Ghidorah was about to take the final blow, then a giant moth with Leni's head shows up and stings Chandler Ghidorah). (They both share a hug, and Lincoln went back to his room, and he was thrilled to come up with a good title, a Godzilla fighting game must come up with a good title, he already knows that there is a few titles that are already on there, so he came up with a new title, he thought to himself). Lynn Sr.: I really didn't know what was wrong with him, but I did hear that he had a mental breakdown. Principal Ramirez: >to Mr. Bolhofner< Enough, the only person who fires teachers is me, so step aside and let me deal with Ms. Merdich if you please. (All of the other students were disappointed as they didn't get picked as well). Lincoln then woke up in his bedroom with Lori. "Oh hello everyone I am Lincoln loud you readers are probably wondering why . Mr. Bolhofner: >annoyed, to Ms. Merdich< Zip it you Aussie, What's this about my students playing videogomes during class time? That was bullying! (It then cuts to the lunchroom where all of Lincoln's friends were shocked in a surprising way). Outside there is a white haired boy sitting in his pajamas and he was crying by the looks of it. Ms. Merdich: Okay class, for those who are done with animations, I would like for you to write a letter for Mr. Bolhofner and tell him how wonderful it was to have me for a substitute teacher. Lincoln was behind the stage at a birthday party, where Luan doing one of her show for a crowd of little kids. If I went further, I would have hated myself for hurting someone I love. (Lincoln felt disappointed, with his project done, he went back upstairs in boredom, he then decided to play a Godzilla game on his phone, it wasn't the same as the games he played on a standard console or handheld console, after playing a few rounds on that game, he eventually quit the game, he then reads one of his Godzilla comics, after finishing up the comics, he then went downstairs to joins his family for dinner, everyone else went back upstairs to their rooms for the night, this time, Lincoln decides to watch a Godzilla movie this time "The return of Godzilla" on his laptop, not soon after inserting the disc, although he still remembers that it's a school night, he had to watch most of it until he shut down his laptop, three days later, Lincoln's class presented their animated sprites for a class project, Riley was done with her presentation).
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