Angus: (surprised by the question) Oh my. "Hotel security came up to the room?!" At the end of the day, the family's bonds couldn't have been any stronger, they talked more and spent more time bonding, even if it just watching something on the TV. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. "Kids," Lynn Sr. got up from his seat, not realizing how angry the kids were, "What are you doing here? Lynn Sr.: NO! Like Lynn Sr. said, it wasn't an easy road and there were times when they were ready to give up, but they didn't and, as a result, their kids forgave them for their actions, more or less. Two more squirrels collide into each other and miss the catch. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. We feel so ashamed!" Rita: (with a broken voice) "We're so sorry Lincoln! They were both very nervous and very terrified of their kids right now. Leni: Linky, if you didnt want to come to my fashion show, you just had to say so! The minute after those words left Luna's lips, the security officer leaned his face in front of Luna's and responded with, "You can help me by letting me into your room. Which she did. "Yeah they did," Luan responded with. "Although," Lana, a six-year old tomboy wearing a baseball, added, "if it helps we tried to fix it." I hate boring science lectures! he turned to the three men, who started sweating nervously, afraid of what would happen to them if they didn't say anything. (Lincoln, without hesitation, hugs her, with the rest of the sisters joining in for another group hug. It was wrong of me to blame you for my failure and call you bad luck! You are about as braindead as you're heartless! Lincoln: I hate this! "We don't have a hotel room anymore," Lincoln said, in a very angry tone that the parents weren't used to seeing. I'm not. Even more computer typing was heard but soon afterward the woman on the other going, "Hhhmmmm.," was also heard. Rita asked. One Squirrel tosses the bat right at Lincoln by accident. Lincoln: I've had enough of this stupid costume! What if one of the neighbours saw Lincoln when he was sleeping outside and called the police? Lincoln: Enjoy your life in suits! Lola yelled. ", Lisa: "And if it's any consolation, you weren't the only one who should've thought about what you were doing. I got to find somewhere to hide! What kind of family would do this to one of their own? Ronnie Anne: Happy Valentines Day, Lincoln. I hate presentations! The woman groaned and responded with, "It's not so much the dip that got them in trouble, rather it was their lack of swimwear that did." No self-insert oc this time. Lincoln: Alright then, call them. He then grabs one of the sofa cushions and screams all his frustration into it.). And she knew it wasn't about any massive gathering of one group for some kind of event because she would've been notified way ahead of time. When my so-called 'family' gets home, I'm gonna have a talk with them." ", [The family and Bobby cheer for Lynn as she makes her run around the field. [The softball playoffs. I hate fashion shows! Morag: Not stuck in your sister's shadows. (The family screams in horror. QUIET! Lana: *Gasp* All my pets are now homeless! As Maddie looked at the devastation, she thought back to the parents. We don't want to stare at you on the drive home, so you're sitting in the back." We let superstitions get to us, and we did something no family should ever do. Lynn: (coughs) You know, if I knew that my superstitions would make Lincoln disown us I never would have started this nonsense in the first place. But the woman did, "That your parents were caught skinny dipping after hours? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. "So," Lori started with, in an icy tone, "Let's recall what we promised you when you agreed to take us on vacation." But i didnt expect to be ejected from the house and lose everything i had! "WE HATE DOING ALL THOSE CHORES FOR YOU, YOU FILTHY SLOB!" LYNN LOUD HITS A GRAND SLAM!!! Now, let me make this clear! What do you think, Pep? Rita asked. Luna: That was rockin'. 'What did he mean there's a massive storm heading her way?' Despite the pain his body was in, Felix grabbed his walkie talkie and said, "Maddie." Today I'm doing a new story called 'Hall Monster Linka,' as you can tell this a story that features Linka Loud and her brothers. Why do these three buffoons have the room. Lincoln: I said NO! You can never come back. It was against the law. Lynn Sr.: Son..we didn't mean to..we just.we were wrong to-. You're supposed to be grounded to the hotel room, remember?" I'll just play softball all by myself! Luan: (tearful) We'll never be able to show our faces in public again. Would you mind me speaking to Angus for a bit? Ronnie Anne sees Lincoln kicked out of his home and decides to take him out of there. Need i remind you looneys that its against the law to not shelter one of your own and what am i supposed to do now that all my belongings are gone!? Anyway, enjoy. (Tugs at it), (They tug and pull while the rest of the family backs away nervously). I hate the fact that you all act like spoiled brats! Lincoln: Alright, i admit! (The family gets more and more heartbroken as he continues to rant.). There must something we could do to put a proper spotlight on our dear duke. "Aha!," she said, in triumph over what she found, "It appears that you were kicked out and supposed to leave the hotel at 9 am sharp." Lisa: I have truly disgraced the scientific community Lola: Does this mean Linky doesn't love us anymore? Slamming the sliding glass door shut, he turned around and glared at everyone in the room. (Shouts) Put the head back on before we get stung by a jellyfish! (sniffles) I'd better make a home fast. *Sniff* I thought he liked our things! How can I help you?" ", Baseball Announcer: "Just look at our poor squirrels! ", [The sound of the ball getting hit by the bat is heard and the rest of Lynn's team runs the remaining bases. The siblings began agreeing with that statement, but Lynn Sr. and Rita were frightened. Pre-Story Notice: It's amazing. And after that, the whole room was silent. ", Lincoln:[to the viewers] "Maybe I can move into Lisa's fallout shelter. Even you Lisa! ", Lincoln: "But just because you lost your game, doesn't mean you have to pin it on me! "Aunt Ruth," Rita said, trying to stop the kids from doing something they'd regret, "hang up the phone." *Sniff* No more clothes making for at least a week. Clenching his fist, he raises it up and smashes it hard on the ground. ", Lucy: "After all, it's not like we always go to each others events 100% of the time, so why should you? Making the Grade / Vantastic Voyage. Pulling out his walkie talkie, he said, "This is Hotel Officer Mooresfield. The Loud House: No Such Luck Alternate Ending Add to Favourites By HaileyKittydoesart Published: Mar 31, 2021 Favourites Comment 4K Views "I'm not bad luck!" Lincoln said in a megaphone, he was done with sleeping outside and eating acorns to survive. YOU ARE NOT BAD LUCK!!! No such luck alt ending5. I dont want to support you psychos! During that time, the parents spent time talking to each of their children and spending time with them during their activities. Actually, there's something I need to do! He briefly looks at the family photo, beginning to cry. "WELL, NOW THAT I KNOW HOW YOU KIDS FEEL ABOUT ME! Lola: WE'RE HORRIBLE BRATS!!! I didn't think you guys would believe I was bad luck, even going as far as to lock me out. Lynn: NO! The family think Lincoln is bad luck so they ban him from attending their activities.. Synopsis. the goth girl added. Honest! With how much of a hatedom Lynn Jr got after this episode, I had to have her own up to her mistakes. Rita shouted, as she and Lynn Sr. became shocked. Re-Uniting With Lincoln by KingMercury254. Luan then walked up to Leni and whispered into her ear. Lucy: Lincoln's right! Sweaty Pants here! Right now." i certainly didn't expect something like that, but i guess curiosity must be fed. Things were starting to get intense in the Loud family hotel room. She's smarter than she looks and there's evidence canon in the show to prove it.). But dont worry, youre still a great writer. Lynn: Stop being such a baby and just put that suit back on! (yet another author interruption: I know this sounds harsh, but in all fairness, that is a pretty stupid thing to do and the reason behind it doesn't help). "YOU THINK I ENJOY BEING VISITIED BY YOU LITTLE MONSTERS?! Hmm. Eventually, Rita broke the long silence, saying, "Kids, I know you're angry at us for causing us to be kicked out of the hotel. We didn't find any though." Who do you think you are, calling us names and insulting us like that!? Anyway, as the title suggests, this is an alternate ending fanfic for Loud House Season 2 episode "Suite and Sour." Was the thought on her mind. "First of all, don't shout at me!," the woman said, in a tone that made Lola be quiet, "Second, if you give me a second, I'll sort this out some more." (looks at Lincoln with a smile and puts a hand on his shoulder) "All of us. (They pile into Vanzilla and go searching for him). I certainly am not! On the other end, Maddie, an African-American woman in her mid-20's with short curly hair, heard what Felix said and got worried. When Vanzilla pulled into the Loud Family driveway, Lori turned to her parents and said, "We're going to take our luggage up to our rooms. What the guy said also got the officer's attention, not just because this guy just informed him of somebody who was working here without being officially employed but also how they were just given the ok to enter a room that was clearly occupied. An alternate ending to Underratedheros story, "Requiem For A Loud". I spread one little white lie just to get more free time because i cant afford to come to so many actvities all in one go! While they were still upset about their parents' behavior and getting them kicked out of an awesome hotel, they understood why they did what they did and understood that they shouldn't had forced their parents to take them on their vacation. (facepalms. "Yes," Lynn Sr. started with, "but to be fair you kids" He then lost his words when he saw his son giving a deep stone cold glare of anger, making him gulp in fear. House of Lies alt ending14. At least this thick skin won't let me down! I hate that fact that you never make up for anything! ", Luan: "The same goes for all of us. I hate that you put your own lame pride and wants above everything else! The Princess and the Everlasting Emerald: A Royal Woods Fairytale. showing a flashback of the episode No Such Luck. (continues to cry. She whistles for Fangs. We didn't just barge into the room. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Anyway, here's my fanfiction. Lincoln: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! And when Maddie got up from the desk, what she saw horrified her. ", Lynn Sr.: (with a broken voice) "And we were horrible parents to you, locking you out! Lynn: (sighs) Who am I kidding? Lynn added. I hate pageants! Leni was working, even though she wasn't even hired and what she was doing is illegal (author interruption: ok I know, to be fair, this is Leni we're dealing with and she means no trouble, but still, what she's doing is unreported employment, which is against the law, look it up if you don't believe me). Leni: *Gasp* My Sewing Machine! NOTE: I am aware this episode has been overly bashed to death. 5 months of research ruined. Everyone awed over this.] The family and Bobby are there to support Lynn. I am an 11 year old boy, not some object to be pushed away and than used! This feels like a bad episode from a show thats running out of ideas. Rita got up from her seat and said, "Kids, let me explain" "Explain what?!" The siblings glared at her for a moment but saw she had a point, it didn't make sense to ground her or Lily for that matter, she was a baby, anything she did wasn't entirely her fault. Dont rage out at us. Lucy: Helping a brother who helped me. I was horrible to you! Lincoln, you are now free to come back into the house.". ", Lynn: "We forgot to lock the windows! Experimental One Shot. "Sure thing," the voice on the other end said. Lincoln and Lucy were dealing with a fictional ghost. Luan: Maybe these silly superstitions werent such a good idea. You're scaring even me. You never let me have a say in the matter! [Lynn Sr. teared up and he burst into tears at the heartwarming moment.] We feel so ashamed! Share your thoughts, experiences, and stories behind the art. "AND WE ESPECIALLY HATE HAVING TO LOOK AT THOSE BUNION INFESTED FEET OF YOURS! Luan brought it. No Such Luck, No Such Love is a The Loud House fanfic written by SpartanXHunterX which can be read here. Bad. The voice asked. Especially Miss. ", Lola: (slightly sad) "Well, I probably would've before, but, from now on, you come to my pageants when you want to, and if not, it's fine by me. Cuts back to now. Luna: I can't believe we made him feel as if we can't feel anymore or that we don't love and care for him. Luna, Luan, Lola and Lisa were battling off against three obnoxious hotel guests that made all of them look like saints. HATE ME FOREVER!!! Lincoln: Well, this was cool. ", Lucy: "We don't care, we'll watch anything you want. You're like some mindless mob and I hate that! 2022 - 2023 Add to Favourites Comment Lincoln: "Coming!" Lynn Sr.: He wrecked our trophy case to!? (to the viewers) "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna have some fun with my family." "I'm not sure," Felix responded with, "I've got two groups of people saying they have one of our hotel rooms at the same time. Anything bad happen then? No Such Luck / Frog Wild. Spell it out alt ending7. (They smile, Rita comes over to hug him and rest of them except Lynnjoin in for a group hug. Maybe I should just quit the team. And with that the family walked out of the spa, the kids still angry and upset and the parents ashamed and disappointed in themselves. She's trying to say she was wrong, but her mouth is pathologically incapable of saying those words. I have failed as a human being. But in hindsight, I guess I should've thought about it more before lying to you guys. Tell the community what's on your mind. I hate how pathetic and chicken you all are! I hate concerts! I don't expect it to be good, I just felt like doing an alternative ending. Whenever you fell like you need a break, you're free to take a rain check. Leni: Linky.(sniffles).please don't do this to us. Lynn Sr.: Son..we never stopped loving you..we do care about you Lori: Don't hurt us like this..we're your familywe want you to be with us. Lana: We didn't mean to ruin your life..(sniffles).we just wanted to avoid bad luck..we're so sorry we went about it all wrong Luna: We get it were never bad luck..we ruined everything for youthere is no such thing as luckwe'll never live this down.. Lola: You can't hurt your own family like this.. Lincoln: You all hurt me first! Ruth said, curious to where this was going. It's too broken, even for me! Luck. "Wait, what are you saying?" I hate it that you don't have any feelings or care anymore! ), Lynn Sr.: "Get ready kids, we're going to the movies again, but Lincoln is coming with us. ", Pep:[downright bored] "I think I've wasted my life. Maddie herself hid underneath the desk and she could hear the sounds of things being tossed and breaking or getting smashed on and breaking. ", Lincoln: "Thanks. Ive often helped feed your pets and come to your stunt moves. "Uuhhh," Luna started, unsure of how to start the conversation, "Hello, security dude. The furniture was all over the place, the shower was ruined, the air conditioner was gone and he noticed a 17-year old girl with blonde hair in a blue shirt outside, about to jump from the side of the balcony. During the drive, there was nothing but silence, which is very uncommon for a vehicle that is usually occupied by 13 people. But, if what this guy was saying is true, then the only reason the room would show up as vacant is if the family was checking out. Rita: Honey, please. "But she's still family," Rita added in, "And family stick together no matter what." The school bell rings at Royal Woods Middle School. Luna spots Lincoln). Lincoln and Lucy hung their heads in shame and embarrassment. Not a loud alt ending6. Whats next? Lincoln Loud, the middle child of the family, was brought to his older sister's baseball league from his own will. ", (Vanzilla is parked in the driveway. helluvaboss. (pauses for a few seconds) "Do you guys notlove me anymore? We need it! Lynn sat next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, in an attempt to comfort her. You overreact to everything! I only told Leni, Luan, Lana, Lola and Lily. The worst part is, they had no argument against this. Morag: well, if you insist I suppose. What seems to be the problem?" (breaks from the hugs) *sighs* "I'm sorry for lying. Lincoln: But you were all so gullible and stupid! ), Lynn: (Screams in despair) ROASTED, BEATEN, VERBALLY THRASHED AND TOSSED INTO THE SEA BY MY ONLY BROTHER!!!! [In stepped David, Winston, Skippy, Silas, Paige, Francisco, Benny, Sam, Chaz, and Bobby. You locked me out of my room, sold all my furniture and made me into a thing!! My first story is done. Unfortunately, the reason behind the ground shaking presented itself. Lola: If it wasn't for Miss. candle vendors by vicente manansala message, texas toll forgiveness 2021,